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Thank you for giving me  key to this game on Nintendo Switch, I am pleasantly surprised with this game so far and I'm having so much fun with it so far! I'll do a full text review when I finish it.

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thank you for the chance to play ps4 .. and then i was the first to believe this game project .. i wanted to compliment me .. thanks nice fantasy experience .. a hug queen faith

The game is on sale on Steam until the 24th. We could get a sale for the itch version too?

I've been playing the Steam version and it's great, amazing game! I get the sense that this was inspired by King's Field, and possibly the SOM game Trismegistus?

Many thanks! In fact, we tried to imagine what classic quests (such as King Quest) might look like if you combine them with action games and add a first-person view. But yes, King's Field also looks very similar :)

Looks like I am unable to save. Nothing happens when I press E on the save game screen. Windows 7.

This is a little strange, I will check it! LMB click on the slot and autosaves also do not work?

Thanks for the reply. Left-click on save slot does nothing. And no autosaves.

Just updated the game (v 1.0.4). I hope that I understood why this problem was and now everything should be fine) Thanks so much for your patience!

Yes, it seems to work now. Thanks!


The game looks so beauty and funny. Thanks for the effort, I really wanna play it, dude. Great job.

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for a indie game the graphics in the screenshots look great i hope the full game will be really released in april! EDIT: yup chill game for when you just wanna get your mind away and not think too much about game physics and getting killed or some runs very smooth! the base of the game would be dope for a witch ish rpg game with an open world tbh lol

Thanks! And at the moment, our plans to release the game on April 9th remain valid :)


The screen shots look really cool ill try the game it might take a few hours 2 download tho


Hey, Gotta say, really enjoyable Demo
crafting potions whitout items sorting, i'm not sure how it's going to play out, it depends on how big the game is.
still +1 i really liked the movement :)


I was really impressed by this. I'm a massive fan of Supraland, and this scratched the same itch but has a fantasy theme. The world is colorful and magical, and the puzzles are just fun to do. I was never confused, everything just fit together so well. The combat is a neat addition, and was never annoying or impeded the puzzle solving. Although I only got to make one potion, it seemed like a neat system as well. Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy things like Supraland or Dark Messiah! Props to the developer, I've already added this to my Steam Wishlist. Can't wait for a full release!

Thank you for this review! At the moment, we plan to release the full version of the game in April.

Awesome, can't wait!

Eye catching screenshots good job there, gonna give it a try.

Thanks, I hope you'll enjoy it!

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very beauty game!

Thank you! ^_^